Monday, July 26, 2010

Dye pot

When Suzy came over we did some dyeing with Wilton's icing dyes. Mine are old, so they didn't blend as well as they should (I suggested we use mine, knowing that if she didn't open hers yet they wouldn't dry out as quickly- since we wanted to use a sampler of all the colors.)

Gunky, or not, they still produced beautiful colors! Kevin just got a new dutch oven, so I arranged my nest of new yarns in it. I liked the way the small teal ball turned out so much I dyed one of my new skeins of Sheila's gold with the teal too!


Linda said...

The colors are just gorgeous!

SuzyQ01 said...

Beautiful! I will take a picture of mine tomorrow...I finally was able to untangle the mess tonight and made them into cute little minis! I LOVE the teal "nest" - it turned out so pretty!

The Asker said...

those are some BEAUTIFUL colors. good job!