Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been absent from my blog because I just have nothing interesting to blog about.

I went to Zenergi today for the 4:00 hot yoga class. It wasn't hot at all (the thermometer said 89 when I walked in... we keep the house at 80, though of course the studio is all kinds of humid) but I was sweating like crazy.

Can I be un-PC and say I really dislike having men in the class. It's distracting. During one pose- at the very BEGINNING of the class- we wrung out hands together and a waterfall-like cascade of sweat poured off the man a few mats down from me. Ewwww... it doesn't stay on their mats, it pools all around them. And men rarely wear shirts in class, and some even wear speedos. It's never in shape men who don't have shirts on. I'm out of shape, I wear a shirt to hide my stomach. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to be looking at other people, but I'm encouraged to watch myself in the mirror, if I'm seeing myself in the mirror, I'm seeing- even if I'm not focusing- the people around me too. And while I don't care what other people's postures look like, except maybe to try to correct myself to look like someone awesome- it takes me out of my practice to see waterfalls nearby.

My other rant- what the hell is wrong with my left calf. Everytime the instructor said "this should be a nice hamstring stretch" or "do xyz if your hamstring is tight" I felt NOTHING in my hamstring, but instead felt like my left calf was burning with the fires of a thousand suns and being torn open with a dull serrated knife. It usually does this, but tonight was particularly bad.

Maybe yoga is not for me. But neither is ballet, or skating, or cycling. What the heck am I going to do?


Linda said...

Sorry you are hurting :( Maybe simple would be best for a while? The trails around IC are really nice and walking is a gentle form of exercise.

SuzyQ01 said...

Eeewwww! I can totally picture the sweaty, shirtless, speedo-wearing non-fit man in the mirror with the puddle surrounding him! LOL

Lisa said...

Maybe you have a little scar tissue from an injury in your calf? Can you get a massage with someone who knows how to help break it up? Alternatively, I use a small hard rubber ball to work knots and such out of my muscles. Just put it on the floor and mash your leg on it--roll it around until you find the tender spots, then work it a bit. Hope that helps!