Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not going so well...

So it turns out I am REALLY bad at buying supplies for quilting.  I bought white fabric for my Dresden plate quilt, and ran out.  I placed a order for more (haven't yet checked to see if I have enough.  Also- really really worried about color bleeding on this quilt.  I wish I had prewashed, or used a non-white background. Oops.)

When I placed the order, I got fabric to use for the Winter Wonderland Quilt (a Leah Day pattern).  I had already purchased the top fabric, so I got felt and organza.

Well would you believe it- I ran out of felt, organza, and the pink topping fabric!  I couldn't believe it.  I have enough batting and backing fabric though  :)

I'm really shocked I ran out of my pink topping fabric because I followed the yardage required- maybe too much shrank?  I was off by almost 16 inches though.  The felt was completely my mistake. I ordered 10 instead of 12. (I'm not sure what I will do about the center, because the felt I'm using comes in paper size sheets.  Maybe I will use batting for that one?  Or piece felt together?  I wonder if the organza would hide the stitching.)  The organza, I got extra wide so I ordered less than she called for (since the width was double) but I estimated wrong.  I can do math. I should have...  

This quilt is a technique called "reverse shadow trapunto", which sounds really intimidating, but really the step where you put the felt/batting on the fabric is just applique!  So I sewed snowflakes with water soluble thread and have them all cut out. I have them all layered with the organza in place, and am ready to quilt. 
Here is a really bad picture showing what one block looks like.  I have 10 of 12 small blocks done.  I'm saving the large middle block for the end.

UGH! This is the scary part.  As much as I think I'm pretty good at microstippling, I don't want a totally stippled quilt- so I need to get good at at least 13 different microfillers.  EEK!

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Danielle Hudson said...

I so know what you mean about supplies. I just cut out blocks for a project. My solid back ground fabric called for 80 4.5in. squares and 80 4.5x3in. rectangles. Would you believe I was ONE 4.4x3 in. rectangle shy of having enough fabric???? UGH! I really want to try out this reverse trapunto technique. It looks amazing:)