Saturday, June 2, 2012

A bundle of fabric.

I needed to place an order from for some Kona Cotton to do my Dresden Plate quilt.  Since I was shopping anyway, I threw in a 3-pound bundle.  I really like what I got!  With the florals I plan to do a charity quilt to give to guild.  The baby fabric might do the same, but I really like them, so maybe someone else will have a baby I need to make a gift for!

This is all REALLY nice fabric.  Like $10/$12 per yard at a quilt shop (cheaper on, and I'm sure it all came from the sale pile, but I still feel like I got a good deal.) Most of the fabrics coordinate with each other, coming from the same line.  The only weird thing, except the polka dot, every fabric has a 5" square taken out of the corner.  I guess they were cutting swatches.

From the top, brand and size of cut
Riley Blake - 37"
Robert Kaufman (Dr. Suess) - 17"
Riley Blake- 42"
Riley Blake- 35"
Riley Blake- 37"
FreeSpirit (Noah's Ark) - 35" (you can't see it but the argyle has flamingos on it. So random!)
Windham Fabrics (Daughter's of the American Revolution) - 44"
Windham Fabrics (Mr. K's Calico) - 39"
Windham Fabrics (Mr. K's Calico) - 43"

So pretty much everything is about a yard (one half-yard cut).  Nothing is scraps.  Good, useable fabric!

In other quilting news today I started the snowflake shadow trapunto quilt.  This quilt will be a huge test of my quilting skills- as it needs lots of small scale fillers, and my patience.  Today I only did a few squares of the applique (sewing the felt snowflake onto the backing fabric) and it took FOREVER.  I'm going to try a different method tomorrow.   I'm worried my organza is too shiny, so who knows what it will turn out looking like.

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