Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another quilt...

This is one of the quickest large quilts I've done.  I started it after I finished the other blue/green quilt, so it has all been in the last few months.  My Mom asked for two twin quilts for her blue room, so this is the second.  It very well may be my favorite quilt i've ever made.  I don't want to give it up!

The pattern said it was twin size (this was a Connecting Threads kit), but it came out HUGE.  I cut out a row and a column, and it is still larger than twin batting.  (Also- a row and a column were A LOT of work. Grr.) I wish I had realized that before I pieced the back, as I would have set them into the back.  This is the first quilt I've done in awhile that has a solid back (except the label, unlike baby quilts, I've been labeling these.)

See, boring, non-pieced back
I originally started quiting a motif in each square, but ripping the paper off (that the design was traced on) was very time consuming and the designs didn't show very well.  If I am going to that much effort, I want them to show.  So I ripped out all the ones I had done, and just meandered.  That way the quilting on this matches the quilting on the first quilt.

Hopefully this is "blue" enough for my Mom, and she doesn't mind that it doesn't match the other perfectly.  Then again, if she doesn't like it- I want it back!  I really don't want to part with this one!

Since we aren't going back to Texas anytime soon, I need to find a box to mail it in.

All the obligation quilts are done, so now it is time to get into projects for me.  I am working on a Dresden plate that will end up queen size.  I think I will have to do quilt as you go, because I have no room to baste a queen size quilt.  I also got a shadow trapunto pattern from Leah Day, so I am going to work on that.  It is snowflakes, so I have until Christmas to get it done!  It is quilt as you go, so that could be practice for the Dresden.  I have all the plates made, and most appliqued onto the blocks (I ran out of fabric and have more on order), so I hope to put pictures of them up soon.


Danielle Hudson said...

It's very pretty! I don't blame you for wanting to keep it!

Michelle said...

I love it too! (I had to go to Internet Explorer to see your post. For some reason, Google Chrome is blocking your posts. It never used to!

Your quilt is beautiful. No wonder you want to keep it!

kingman quilter said...

I'm just sayin' ...... doubt seriously your mom will want to give it back! (But I don't blame you!)

Rebel said...

I love this one.... such a rich deep color. And I love the color blending from one end to the other. =)