Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dress for Josefina

(Modeled by Jess)

So I recently decided I needed to downsize my American Girl collection.  I have 11 dolls, and no room.  However, deciding which doll to get rid of was a nighmare.  I finally decided on Josefina- I got her at the end of high school (I think? Maybe even in college...) and we never really 'bonded'.  Even some of the newer dolls have 'stories' or 'play' to them that is more than her.  So I decided she would go first, and then I'd figure out who goes next.

However, I couldn't just give her to goodwill or put her up on Ebay. I decided to send her to my Uncle.  He has 6 children, including 4 girls.  I think a free American Girl doll will be much appreciated in that household, and he is so amazing, fostering, and then adopting 2 of the girls.  I packed Josefina and realized she only had 2 outfits.  So I gathered some homemade clothes to send too, and saw that I had cut out the pieces for this cute denim dress while I lived in Ohio (6 years ago...) but never sewed it together.  Since I left the hems as raw edges (with a line of stay stitching), it was quick and easy. 
The dress was too plain without decoration, so I added daisies to the neck and hem, and then when I tried it on Jess, it was way too short, so I added the eyelet lace.

Although the sewing is a bit 'eh', I think the dress is very cute.  I tried to put in an invisible zipper, but I mut have done it wrong.  It is fairly visible...
Photos are courtesy of Kevin, with no guidance from me.  I was out running errands, but he is wonderful, as he took great ones and even posed his model!  (I used to take pictures of my dolls in scenes, so he must have remembered that.)

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing by remembering those who would truely love her!