Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilt Done!

Let me tell you a story about a quilt.

Some time ago, probably around April 2011, I decided I wanted to really get into quilting.  We have a twin size bed in our guest room, so I thought I'd make a quilt from that.  Move beyond baby quilts.
Enter Quilt Magazine.  I found a design I love, with a name I hate: Skinny Dip. I've since learned that I adore these designers.  They make the most beautiful fabric (which, being Moda, is too expensive for me.)

I didn't use the suggested fabric, but instead ordered strips from Connecting Threads (who I also love).  They arrived in May of 2011.

In July of 2011, I started working on the quilt.

In August, something big happened.  My little Kenmore got traded in for a major upgrade: my beloved Bernina!  And I finished this quilt top!

The time span of this quilt represents a lot of progress for me. 

I learned to free motion quilt, I learned to bind a quilt "properly" (well, I still don't do it well, but way better than what I did before).  I learned to do pictorial quilts, and made some art quilts.  I made my first mini-wholecloth and started dabbling with machine embroidery.  I've completed the majority of my master's degree (which also required making a quilt!)  I made a baby quilt and a twin size quilt as gifts.  I made dresses for our cruise, and did some other garment sewing. And I did all of this while neglecting this top!

I actually don't know when I started quilting this quilt.  It was before I made the twin size quilt for my Mom, but this got set aside for that. I clearly didn't blog the progress well!  I decided since it was so colorful I would do the quilting with every color of thread I have (and actually ordered some more from Connecting Threads to up the variety). 

I quilted with tons of different designs, making it a sampler of sorts.  I used pink thread on the back, and the edict to use the same color on top and bottom is there for a reason!  I had lots of "dots" of dark thread on the back...but luckily they blended in while washing.

Now that it is done (I woke up at 5:30 this morning to bind it...), washed, and photographed, it is on our guest bed and I just love it.

There is only one conundrum.  I love the backside more than the front.  The quilting is just SO pretty (not to toot my own horn or anything.  It is flawed, but pretty.)  Thiis happens a lot with my quilts- I'm clearly meant to be a quilter, not a piecer.  I love the quilting look.
Should I display it upside down?


SuzyQ01 said...

Don't display it upside down...the front is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ok, the back is nice too, but I love the front!

Michelle said...

Love your quilt!!! Front AND Back. The front is beautiful, and the back is comfy and cozy looking. You can display it any way you like, but the front is so pretty it really should be shown off!

Peg said...

Your quilt is just gorgeous with all the quilting you did on it. Like the idea of all the different colored threads. This quilt could be used on either side but the quilt is much prettier.

Pat said...

Absolutely awesome quilt!

June D said...

Very nice work - good choices!

Anneliese said...

Oh, how I love the front of your quilt. Isn't that beautiful and optimistic. But then, the backside is so beautiful, too! I adore the quilting.

kingman quilter said...

Jessi, that's a beautiful quilt. The back is as gorgeous as the front!

Danielle Hudson said...

Both sides look great! Congratulations on the upgrade!!

Starling said...

It depends on how much you NEED the color in the room. And you can decide that this quilt is two sided.