Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Vacation Continues: April 20, 2012

The next day we started out at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center.
 Although the bluebonnets were still blooming along the roads, I think we went between blooms- there were many flowers, but the weren't incredibly impressive.
However, the goal was to get some good family pictures of Michael, Rachel, and V.
I think Kevin did a pretty good job (infants are tough!) and we all had a nice time walking around.
Michael also took a nice picture of us with V.
And we did find this adorable little acorn:
We then all went over to Nan's house for brunch. Everyone was able to come except Kelly (Jill's husband, who we actually didn't get to see at all, unfortunately).  I think Nan may have been expecting approximately 40 people, rather than 9 plus kids, as she had prepared a feast: an entire ham, waffles, biscuits, hash browns and more.  It was delicious.

We got to play with V. more, as well as R. and C. 
Rhonda wanted a picture of her children with their children.  I think Jill should have shared one of hers with Kevin.  He looks lonely in this picture.

Nan and I are planning on going to the Houston Quilt Show together.  I never got to do something like that with my grandmother, so I really hope it works out that I'm able to go.  It will be so much fun to take classes (though I think her quilting taste runs more traditional piecing, and mine runs more to art quilting and free motion quilting, but honestly, I'm willing to take any classes.)

I really have no idea what we did after that until it was time to go over to my parents house.  We joined them that evening for dinner. Having had ate enough to feed a small country over the course of the vacation, we suggested a small meal in, rather than a big dinner out.  We had spaghetti and salads and then had a game night.  We played Quiddler and Trivial Pursuit.  Despite playing against my mother and Kevin (both trivia whizzes) I managed to win both games.  I think everyone had fun.  One lesson was learned though: if Jessica is not the pink game piece, she gets very confused!  I kept moving other people's pieces.

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GopherLass said...

Do you have a copy of Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America (by Kathy Appelt) for your daughter?

That is a sweet (and very informative) book - especially for girls. :)