Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just a few more embroidery projects

Just a few more things I embroidered for my nephews before going to see them.  Sorry for the awful photo quality. All designs are from planet applique.  I just love them.

First: Fourth of July t-shirts.

Next: Crayon pillowcase

.Finally: Surf Board pillowcase

Cole already had a pillowcase, so now each boy has 2.

The t-shirts were my first time doing t-shirts.  The B is too low on the shirt. I also haven't washed them since embroidering (I washed before embroidery) so I don't know if they will be a one time use thing.  I didn't buy the special backing for them, so I might get some complaints about them being itchy- we'll see. But the issue of getting the t-shirt hooped and the spare t-shirt out of the way was not as bad as I thought it was. The small t-shirts are size 3T, I could maybe do a 2T without problem. Smaller than that, it would need to be a very small design, and that doesn't seem worth it.

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