Sunday, August 18, 2013


Every month, I try to quilt 2-3 of the charity quilts our guild has. I don't usually post about them, because they are generally very simple. Sometimes I make a design, but I often just stipple to get them done.  This quilt came in and it was a GORGEOUS top. I thought it needed more time than just a quick large stipple.

I've been doing a lot of feather doodling lately, and decided to put some feathers on the quilt. I still need a lot of work on these, but they are much better than my last attempt 1-2 years ago.
Mostly because my travel stitching is better.  Traveling directly over the lines makes a HUGE difference.

This thread is much too thick for good feather work, Connecting Threads Essential. The build up is too severe. But I still think it looks alright.

I forgot to take pictures of one of the triangle sections. Oops.

Two of the triangle sections I filled straight up and down.
Two I filled with kind of a curve, I like the curve better.
Another triangle section
I still am not good with the 'inside' curves. This one is kind of awkward.


Susan Owenby said...

It is lovely! So kind of you to share your craft.

Renee said...

Your feathers look great! I have been using the Aurifil 50wt for feathers and really like how thin it is.

Jessim said...

yeah, I have some Aurifil, but I generally don't use it for the charity projects because the thread cost really adds up... I'm kind of cheap, as long as it looks decent.

straythreads said...

beautiful quilt and wonderful quilting

ratama said...

The Quilt looks great!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Charity quilts are a great way to practice your quilting skills. The recipient of this quilt is going to be delighted. You did a wonderful job.

Kathy Crofoot said...

Your Feathers are AWESOME! I'm having a grand time doing feathers on almost everything.

Autumn Adams said...

Feathers are fun!