Friday, August 2, 2013

Another letter!

Winter Wonderland was accepted into the AQS Des Moines show! This is super awesome because it is really close to my house, so I'll actually get to go see it. 

Only 176 quilts are in the show (I'm not sure, but I thought 300 were accepted into Grand Rapids).  This is silly, but I really hope if I don't get a big prize at Grand Rapids, that I don't get anything at all (I feel like my best shot at an award is a 3rd place ribbon...) A 3rd place ribbon would take me out of the Des Moines show, as any cash prize makes you ineligible (or maybe it has to be from a previous year? I'm not clear on the rule), and I really want to be able to show there.  Plus with fewer entries, that means my chances are better for a big one, right?

I think my most realistic shot at an award are going to be Best Machine Worksmanship (long long long shot) or a 3rd place ribbon (long shot).  I think it is completely out of scope that this quilt, which I did as a beginner, is going to get Best of Show. I mean- come on. That would be crazy.  But I really do feel like if what they are judging is the machine work; then I did an awesome job.  The category I'm entered in is Wall Quilts, and I imagine that there will be ones better than mine, hence the reason I won't get 1st place, but I don't necessarily think that the machine workmanship will be better, if that makes sense.

So either I win big, I win small, or I won't win at all (most likely- I've been to these shows. The quilts are amazing. What is mine even doing there?)  But my quilt is in the freaking show. You have no idea how proud I am.  I mean, I was SO new when I started this quilt.  I cannot believe it is in a national show. (Two, actually!)

For anyone who is making quilts- enter them! I cannot believe my work was accepted. I am a beginner. 

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