Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two projects

I made a pillow using this tutorial.  I really like the pillow, but I think I did something wrong when I dyed it.  (I used the same gray she uses in the tutorial and then overdyed with turquoise). It is beautiful, but feels crunchy.  I also fused down the first few stripes, because they tend to pucker up, and they aren't holding, the fusible peeled right up. That's annoying.  Still, I like the pillow.

I also did a little mini 12 x 12 in wall hanging for work.  I don't have much Hawkeye stuff, and the new job requires that I be a fan.  This is shadow trapunto, but I have to say, I don't like the way the off-white organza looks over the black batting.  It grays it out too much. I think I'll stick with bold colors that can pastel, and whites. But it was a good little quilt to experiment on.  I used white thread to do the quilting, and I think if I had used yellow it would have made the quilt look a little brighter.  I tried using black, but it looked really bad. 

You can't really see the quilting. It's just stippling. I'm lazy...
The guild is looking for workshop ideas for the upcoming year, and if they can't bring a teacher in, I might volunteer to run one on micro-quilting and do a project like this.  I can't give a tiger hawk pattern out (though I don't think I'd want to be paid, as the participants would be guinea pigs as I learn to teach a quilting class), but it is really easy to tell people to print one on 8 x 10 paper and bring it with them.

I bought 20 yards of fabric today at Pine Needles buy 10 get 10.  I think 14 of them are black and white fabrics, and I hope that is enough to make a king size top. I got some pink I might mix in there too, but I'm not sure.  Kevin and I are "racing". He has to make a king sized bed-frame, I have to make a king size quilt. It's going to be a slow battle to the finish...  Honestly, I'm most nervous about basting the thing. Who has room to lay out a king size blanket? Maybe sweep the garage out really well?


Michelle said...

Buy a tarp and lay that down in the garage and work on that?

Your projects look lovely.

Maartje Quilt said...

On this video Patsy Thomson shows you how to spray baste big quilts.
Beautiful pillow and wall hanging!

Curly Anna Quilts said...

The pillow is great! I really like the colors. I've started using Cindy Needham's table method to pin baste my quilts and have had great success. It also gives my back a break.

Heidi said...

I asked my husband if I could borrow their meeting room at work on the weekend to baste a quilt, LOL. Between kids and dogs at home, I can't baste any bed sized quilt here. :)