Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ripping out again...

Has anyone noticed that I rip out WAY more than I ever manage to knit? I have been working on "Mockery Socks" - which are knit at 10 stitches per inch (this is very tight gauge- most socks are 8 stitches per inch, although most of mine are 8.5-9). I adjusted the pattern by removing a 6-stitch repeat, but still my gauge was too big. I decided to call that the "upper calf" and after 50 rows, switched to a smaller needle so I am where I need to be. Well, it looks most fine, but the top still feels a bit loose. I've decided that (after Kevin gets home with the camera) I am going to rip this out and start again. I am making these socks with my favorite dyed-by-me yarn, and I want them to be as close to perfect as my knitting can be. The pattern is quick and easy, so this is mostly painless, but I have 70 rows of a 90 row cuff done... sigh.

(Lace is going well. This is surprisingly easy. I worry I am doing it wrong.)

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