Monday, August 31, 2009

You probably thought I would miss today...

But I am home now :) We spent last night in Fort Worth, so today's drive was only 13 hours. Poor dog was SO ready to not be in the car anymore.

Question for you:
Do you prefer to drive or fly when you travel?

Weather outside: Way colder than I expected, but I think the Texans are lying to me. It was under 100 and rained while we were there.
What hurts: Knee from the car trip.
What I want to eat: Something- I am starving from the trip, but ate a ton all weekend: Taco Cabana tortillas and queso, Freebirds burrito, a fantastic meal at the uber-fancy Steiner Ranch Steakhouse
What I'm wearing: I look like crap. Tennis shoes and ankle socks, brown shorts, elephant walk t-shirt.
What I'm crafting: Daffodil Design blanket and Mockery Socks - I finished one sock, and am on row 50 of the next.
What I'm watching: Got to watch "Trinny and Susannah Make Over America" and miss cable.
What I'm thankful for: My wonderful family
Best thing that happened this weekend: Seeing everyone, though for such a sad reason. My nephews are two joys: Conor is always smiling, and Cole is smart and articulate.
[Strike]Worst[/Strike] Hardest thing that happened this weekend: Watching Kevin try to hold steady while saluting Pop's casket while Taps was playing. It was the most difficult thing I've ever watched. I cry like crazy anyway, and was crying most anytime I'd look at Nan, or think about how rare our trips home are, but seeing Kevin's cheeks quivering while he stood at attention was just heartbreaking. (Also hearing the Seargent present the flag to Nan was good enough to start the waterworks. But I also cried when Kevin got his haircut- so I'm a pretty easy target for tears.)
What I'm most looking forward to this week: Knitting this weekend with friends- wanna come?
What I'm least looking forward to this week: Handling the lack of sleep
Last thing I bought: Cinnamon bears at a gas station.
Something I want to buy: Knitting needles to start a christmas present.
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