Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy August!

WOW- How is it August already? This year has just flown by. I don't feel like we ever had a summer- there were a few miserably hot days, and the rest have been like fall. Pretty soon there will be snow again. Sigh, I don't mind the snow, but I hate driving in it.

My first week back at work went well and I think this new job will be a great fit for me.

This weekend has been spent cleaning the house- something I did well the first part of my unemployment but very poorly after I picked up insane amounts of low paying freelance work. The laundry is done, the carpets are vacuumed, the tables dusted. Most everything is put away.

On "Wiiware" the downloadable games for the Wii, Kevin bought Bubble Bobble Plus. Bubble Bobble holds many fond memories for me- mostly of road trips up the Eastern United States, heading to New Jersey, but stopping everywhere in between. I think it was the best game to play with Courtney because it was cooperative, not competitive (I also loved super mario 3).

Kevin and I have played Bubble Bobble on an emulator a few times- I used a plug in controller, but he would have to use the keyboard controls (we always hooked the computer up to the TV) now we can actually play together, both with regular controllers and on the TV in good quality. Bubble Bobble Plus is updated graphics, and it's fun to see what everything was "supposed" to look like. I especially like that some of the treats are sushi- including my favorite, Tamago.

There is only one downside- the bubble function has changed making "bubble jumping" much more difficult. There are 3 levels (72, 99, and another) that are near impossible due to this... once you get stuck in a column it is unlikely you will get out, because the bubbles pop to quickly against the wall, where they used to build up. There are MANY complaints around the internet for this. Kevin figured out level 72, but is still stuck on level 99 (the current strategy to do as much as possible before getting stuck, then letting the Hurry Up whale kill him to reset...)

Well, off to play :)

(Edit: He beat the game- those 3 levels were frustrating, but otherwise quite quick. I played the last level, but only offered a bit of help... After the first round of getting stuck on level 72 I gave up, and he started over by himself.)

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Brad & Kimber said...

I think my bro and I used to play bubble bobble when we were little too! How funny!