Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 3: Hot Yoga

I took a yoga class last night at 5:30 (meaning I went there immediately from work). It was probably the easiest of the three classes, though the instructor was the same as the killer Friday class, and the poses were the same too- but the heat was pretty much non-existent. (Well, it was there- I still left looking like I had been in a swimming pool, but I bet it didn't break 100, and the owner was there and being very generous with the fans). Since my "trial" week is over I will be going once a week now, and I am going to try this class again- if it is always this 'easy' then it will be my regular class. I say 'easy' because the poses are still very difficult and getting through is still a challenge, I just at no point thought I would die. There are many poses where I am still stuck on the prep stage, and can't even do the correct thing yet.

I am looking at signing up for a class through kirkwood community college, but they all have scheduling issues. The first class is an "intermediate" class, which meets on Mondays and works the best with my schedule but I worry I'm not ready for it (I don't want to do inversions due to my neck) and I also worry it will be cancelled for low enrollment. The second class is a "beginner" class and meets on Wednesdays - I could still skate a bit before hand, but a shortened session- however, two of the classes are rescheduled for Tuesdays and are at 7:00- meaning I would have to either skip my lesson or would have to really really rush between the two places. The third class is Monday and Wednesday, but only for 8 weeks. The Wednesday class means I would have to miss skating entirely, and the 8 week session means I'd have to supplmenet the last month of the year with a private studio like the hot house yoga, and that would really add up. I am leaning towards the beginner Wednesday night class...

First day of work went well. I have an office with a door (but no key so I have to have someone let me in until that gets straightened out) and a window, though I can't see out of it if I'm working on the computer. It also has an AC control, though I need to figure out if that affects other rooms too, because I tend to like it warmer than most. My computer doesn't have a log on yet, so I just get an "account is expired" message- because I am a rehire, I think. They need to fix that soon, because I am currently logged in as my boss and if I let the computer sit for a few moments it locks up and it's annoying to ask her to resign in. And one of my coworkers is an Aggie :)

I finished Clapotis Sunday but have not yet had time for a photoshoot. I think it will be a perfect three season scarf.

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lindalee said...

No office key, no computer access--are you sure you are a permanent employee? :)