Saturday, July 11, 2009

Indian Food!

And so much of it- I feel like my stomach is going to explode.

Kevin made (from packages) Dahl Tadka (lentils) and Pav Bhaji (vegetable cury), and then (no package) made a pork/apple curry, naan and basmati rice.

It was a feast! So much to eat. I don't do pork, so that was just his, but the rest made for an awesome meal. The Pav Bhaji was very spicy and the Dahl was not my favorite flavor, but since it was mild it complimented it very well. The naan recipie he uses always rises too much, but this time he didn't roll them flat enough so they rose a TON. Still- they tasted exactly right.


I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian again. There are only a few meat dishes I like (hot dogs, turkey bacon, chicken tortilla soup, mini hamburgers) and for environmental reasons I think it would be good to cut meat out of my diet. I cannot stand soy milk, so I'd keep milk/eggs (especially since most egg substitute has real egg in it now...)

I just need to find a few more non-meat dishes other than pasta so I have a base to start experimenting with...

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lindalee said...

The food all looks great! Kevin is amazing!