Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clapotis update

This is after straight repeat #5. I THINK I have enough yarn to do all 12 repeats. Having laid this out, now I am very worried that it won't be long enough.

I'm still back and forth whether I like it, and whether I think the fabric is to lose. Clapotis hasn't ever been my FAVORITE pattern, just one I always knew was there and that some people picked really pretty yarn for it. I chose it because I knew a lot of people succesfully knit it with Wollmeise, but I'm going to wait until I finish to decide if I'm keeping it.

I keep thinking if I run out of yarn it's going to be like 5 inches and I'm going to have to go on Ravelry and beg for it. So with that though in mind it cracked me up when someone PMed me asking for 10 yards of Knitpicks Essential sock yarn in Timber- she ran out of yarn doing the second toe.

I also had a very nice person in Ravelry's Loopy Groupy group offer to sell me (at cost) a skein of purple Wollmeise- so now it turns out that I'm NOT completely out of it! It's nice to think that another skein will be waiting for me- I think that one will be socks, as this one wasn't socks just because I didn't want all my WM to be "worn out". Scarves tend to not wear out as much as socks.

I didn't go to yoga today. I am still quite sore from yesterday and I was quite hungry when it came time to go. So I decided to not go. I know I'm lazy, but it's not like I completely gave up. I'll go tomorrow, and once this week is out I'll only go once a week.

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