Thursday, July 9, 2009


It seems I unknit more than I ever get to knit.

This morning I had a rare morning off and decided I would finish up the zombie sock. With just the toe left, I tried it on... hmm, seems bigger than the other. I measured the gauges- one is 8.5 spi the other 7 spi. Urgh.

Checked the Ravelry notes- yep, sure enough I DID go down to size 1.5 for the foot, like I usually do. For some reason, I remembered these socks being big, but it was just a loose cuff, not a loose foot, so I didn't change needle sizes, thinking I hadn't the first time around.

I tried to rip out just the foot, but the ribbing was so difficult to pick up (especially due to the dropped stitches) that I couldn't save the cuff :(

So I'm back to having 1 completed sock, and 1 sock to go :(

I debated ripping out the first sock too, and just making something else, but these are now my Alissa Czisny socks, so they need to get finished!

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