Friday, July 17, 2009


I am perhaps the last knitter on earth to knit one (there are 11,964 projects on Ravelry, which I believe makes it the most knit pattern- with Fetching in a close second at 11,522... I think I'll skip Fetching, as I like other fingerless mittens better), but I have cast on for Clapotis

I am making my Clapotis with my Wollmeise sock yarn - in Gewitterhimmel. Even though I lucked into 4 skeins, I've only ended up with 1 1/2 of them. In a long story short version- I sold one because I meant to get only 3, and in the strangest case of WM cart jumping ever (they tend to jump OUT of carts) I somehow ended up with an extra. Then I sold 1 because someone asked very nicely, and I still felt guilty about the cost (which is stupid, since per gram WM is a pretty inexpensive yarn). Then I knit a pair of socks, but after losing my job I sold the leftover half of that skein (that's where the per gram thing comes in- there is enough yarn for me to get 2 pairs of socks per skein!) for the price of a full skein, and used the money to buy like 4 pairs of socks worth of Knitpicks yarn. So that leaves me with 1 skein. And I realized, that if I make a pair of socks, and it gets a hole in it, I would break down and cry. Although I don't really REGRET having sold the yarn, I am aware that I will likely never lay my hands on it again. So I need a project designed to last- socks, they are designed to be worn...

The Clapotis is a simple pattern that can be made with 1 skein of Wollmeise. I'm not sure how that works because it is originally knit for Lion and Lamb, a much heavier yarn, but many many people have done it and it looks very pretty, so I too will try it.

I am knitting on size 6s (I thought about 5s but I tend to knit tight. I forgot to take in account that I purl loosely...) the fabric seems VERY loose. However, I can't really tell if I like it or not because a) I imagine once I drop the stitches it will look quite different, so it's tough to eye ball it now and b) I've been knitting socks for 6 months. Socks at 9-10 stitches per inch. And since I am using sock yarn, anything that is not a firm, dense fabric is going to look weird. I had Kevin look and he thinks it looks okay. I'll reevaluate after dropping the first set of stitches, and I might go down to a size 5.

This picture is my progress after day 1. My shoulder is starting to bother me again, and I have a lot of freelance work, so I expect this to take a LONG time.
I'm hoping for a wide scarf/small store that is about 60" long. Who knows what I will get!

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SuzyQ01 said...

That yarn looks yummy...can't wait to see as a finished piece!