Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sock Post

Last night when people came over one of them asked why there were socks everywhere. In my defense, there weren't socks EVERYWHERE. Just one in the "sock place", one hanging from our calendar peg (that should be put away, actually), and one that I was knitting on (I didn't join game night because when they started I had to do a job application).

This is the sock place:

My sock in progress hangs in the sock place when one is finished and the other is not yet. (So far this has proved a successful strategy in being a monogomaus knitter, only one sock- the one shown, has languished while I went on to other ones. Plus an unmatched Spring Forward, the first sock I took on when I started back on sock knitting, but that's waiting to be ripped out. So it doesn't count.)

The sock place came to being when Kevin was trying to clean (which means taking things off the kitchen table) and put a sock there. Since I envision a house covered in socks on blockers as a good decorating scheme, I've left it there, and he seems okay with the one sock.

For the record, I do not yet have enough socks for socks to be EVERYWHERE. I believe this picture shows all the socks I've made. All but 2 of these have been made since December.

Clearly I still need many more of these before the sock craze can finish. (Though I'm really getting an itchin' to do some lace.)


lindalee said...

I think sock decor sounds just lovely!

Lisa said...

That's a terrific storage idea. My sock drawer is stuffed, and if I keep making them, I gotta find somewhere else to put them.