Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maybe pictures tonight...

This is the worst knitting blog ever. Well, most of my readers don't knit, so I talk about other stuff, but I intend to talk about knitting.

Last night I took pictures of my finished sock and of a square I made as part of a group blanket. The pictures are so bad that I'm not posting them.

I skated last night and apparently my session has become pairs lesson time. (It usually has a few high level lessons, but not pairs.) This is not good, because it makes most of the ice unusable when they are lifting, and half the ice unusable when they are throwing... Still, it's fun to watch. I don't mind it when I'm practicing, since I'm not really practicing for anything, but this is supposed to be when my lesson time is too, and I don't want to have to constantly yield when I'm in lesson, like most of the skaters last night were having to do. (Coaches usually stick their lessons in different areas of the ice, but they of course need the entire ice to gain enough speed.)

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Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like they need a separate time for pairs--that could be dangerous!

I always had trouble having enough space for jumps because I jump clockwise, which is opposite of rink traffic. It was a headache!

Get to knittin'!!