Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smoke Detectors, Secret Knitting and Sushi

We started the day getting new smoke detectors. Even though the light was still blinking the fact that we managed to have a teeny (immediately put out) kitchen fire while making patacones, and then a house full of smoke making burgers and they didn't go off was a good clue they were broken. (We test them when the clocks change like your supposed to...)

So we went to lowes and got new smoke detectors. They are nice and pretty white and match our ceilings instead of the awful old yellow look. Grungy, and gross, and probably original to the house, so it was time to replace them anyway.

Then I took out the dye pot and made two shades of pink- super bright bold, and super bright but light- that makes no sense at all- you'll have to wait for pictures later in the week. I'm pretty impressed these colors both came from the same fushcia dye. They are nothing alike.

Then I started my super secret knitting project. It's Christmas knitting for my secret santa pick. No way s/he reads this blog (you couldn't pick your spouse) but I'm gonna hide it for awhile. I'll let you know when I post it on Ravelry, so knitters can check it out. S/he is definitely not on ravelry, and that's not searchable by the public.

So anyhow, on this particular type of knitting I knit with even more of a death grip then usual and have to give myself a break every 2-3 rows or my hand will break off. I have no idea how to loosen up. It's not a skill I posses.

Kevin is making sushi (California rolls and shrimp "tempura" rolls. Sadly no tamago this time.) I'm hoping it will be ready soon. I'm hunry!

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