Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skate Bag

I originally intended for this blog to take over for my skating blog, but I've decided to keep my practice posts over at Skittles Skates on livejournal. But here's a skating related post for those who don't keep up with that one.

I subbed LTS today (grr... the adult for the first class didn't show up, so I got to twiddle my thumbs for an hour) and then I helped two tot classes, including one HUGE class, that was just fantastic.
When I came home, I brought my skates in, rather than leaving them in the car. (I know, you shouldn't do that.)

So I decided I should clean out my skating bag. This is everything that was in my skating bag. (My bag is a backpack).

I’m not even sure how all that fit in there. This is what actually belongs in my skating bag:

It’s still a lot: 2 skates, 2 ankle pads, stinkeez, a microfiber cloth, mismatched gloves, a fleece, hard guards I never use, a screwdriver, oder eaters that are about ready to be thrown out, tissues, chapstick, a pen, a notebook, the LTS guide, 2 patella tendon straps, my MITF and dance diagrams on a keyring, dance CDs, my checkbook, and a baggie with my membership cards, a hair tie, nail clippers, safety pins, shoelaces, blister pads, and band aids.

This is the stuff that shouldn’t be in there:

3 pairs of socks, including 2 handknit, a sock in progress (I was working on that today), 5 baby sitter club books (I lend them to a girl at the rink), leggings from Wednesday, a shirt I brought as a back up for Detroit, sharpie’s from Detroit, assorted pens and pencils, food packets from Detroit, random money, misc pieces of trash, including an ice cream tester spoon, a sticker from skating in Arizona, a synchro receipt from a year ago, and mail from a few weeks ago.

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