Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is it October Yet?

I participate in two knit along groups on Ravelry. I am actually a member of quite a few more, but I generally do Cookie A socks and "Sock Knitters Anon".

Cookie A this month is Wanida. I'm very excited and have picked out a Lorna's Laces yarn to use (it's blue.)

SKA this month has 3 challenges: holiday stocking (not happening), men's socks (no way), and a Jeannie lastnamehere design. (I know the last name, but I'm not sure she uses it publicly This is her blog- amazing socks. She is a fantastic designer. I will be knitting a sock she did as a Mystery sock* for another group, out of green Wollmeise.

This will be a great sock month.

*Mystery sock- A knit along group is given 4 clues spread out 1 week apart. You start knitting with no idea what you will end up with. I'm not a fan. But I love using the final products.

In other news: as a skater, it is very weird that on Glee sectionals is before regionals

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