Sunday, September 6, 2009

So much knitting, so little time

I need to sleep less so I have time to knit more.
I am still working on the "Mockery Socks" at lunch- and am midway through the cuff of the second sock. I have restarted (in the blue sport weight yarn) the "Marlene" socks- a gorgeous Cookie A pattern for a knit a long, so in theory those need to be done this month.

I am still enjoying the Daffodil Design and still in awe that I'm able to knit this. It isn't hard- just do what the directions say, but it is SO complicated LOOKING, and it seems like the pattern will never end. (This picture is row 97 of 168- just over 35% done). I changed from 24" to 32" needles, so while I was switching over I took a picture of it spread out- much prettier than when it is bunched up, but I realized just how small it is, and how much more knitting I have to do!

I also need to start a colorwork hat project (a secret, though the gift recipient surely doesn't read this blog), and I also want to make a pair of "Endpaper Mitts" a colorwork fingerless mittens project.

Thank goodness for 3 day weekends. I had friends over yesterday (knitting lessons) so I didn't do any of my own knitting, but it sure was fun to teach the gospel of yarn!


SuzyQ01 said...

Well, I know I enjoyed spending the afternoon at your place! Thanks again for taking your time to show us new stuff...I can't wait to get to playing with something new! Now, go knit something :)

lindalee said...

It looks beautiful! I was sorry to miss the fun.

Vivian said...

The Daffodil Design is jaw dropping pretty. I hope whoever you give it to will really appreciate the work that goes in. It could be an family heirloom.