Saturday, September 12, 2009

It is surprisingly stretchy!

The new knitty is out, and before I do my traditional critique, first I'm going to say something about one of the articles.

Toe-up sock knitters, get thee to Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off The JSSBO is awesome. I finished my first Dead Simple Lace Sock and used it and it is almost as stretchy as the cast on I have for my mockery socks- It's so stretchy that it fits across the thickest part of my calf with no problem at all. And it is SUPER easy. How come no one thought of this before. I don't know Jeny- but thank you thank you!

Here is the Rainbow Sock. Remember the yarn? I loved every inch of the yarn, and I love it just as much in a sock. It's a bit more wild than most of my socks (since I tend to do pattern, not color) but man I cannot wait to wear these (still need to make another). It's a bit loose, though at a tighter gauge then suggested, but the pattern has no pull in. I don't think it will sag too much though, so it is totally wearable. I'm not sold on toe up socks (it's so easy to want to quit early...) but Wendy's heel instructions were super easy to follow and produced a great heel. I will try to do a few more and see if I become a toe up girl. You'll notice on the blocker the cuff is stretched out a bit- that's because the bind off is so elastic, but it doesn't pull back in all the way. As long as it pulls back a bit, I'm good with it. Fit on me is more important than fit on a blocker. Also, the idea was to put the pictures in a row, but blogger is not cooperating.