Monday, September 28, 2009

The week begins again...

Question for you: Candy Apple or Caramel Apple? (Kevin made caramel apples, but I have yet to dig in)

Weather outside: SO WINDY
What hurts: tongue from super hot salsa
What I want to eat: more jasmin rice
What I'm wearing: Zombie socks, black land's end shoes, old navy black pants, light blue land's end polo, white land's end fleece
What I'm crafting: Mockery socks at work, Daffodil Design on hiatus
What I'm watching: TAR was on last night. I love it!
Best thing that happened this weekend: TAR WAS ON LAST NIGHT PEOPLE
Worst thing that happened this weekend: Nothing really. It was a fun weekend. Got a bit of skating in, helped a friend move, went to a birthday party. No worst about that.
What I'm most looking forward to this week: Does this week start October? That's cool.
What I'm least looking forward to this week: A meeting I have to go to.
Last thing I bought: no idea, probably fries on Wednesday
Something I want to buy: Alphabet Cake pans, though I have no idea why I want them. But doesn't that seem cool.
A link to share: Surely you know about Television Without Pity- but if you don't, it has fantastic recaps of all kinds of shows and the most comprehensive television forums (ruled with an iron fist though!) I've ever seen.


Brad & Kimber said...

chocolate covered apple! Or even better... Apple pie!

Little Loves' Mama said...

Caramel apple, for sure...

SuzyQ01 said...

Definitely caramel apple...sounds yummy