Thursday, September 10, 2009


Many of you may know that I do not have cable. For those who don't know that yet: I don't have cable :) We use an HD digital antenna, and have the entire time we lived in Iowa. After the "digital transition", we lost NBC, so that means I get PBS, ABC, FOX, CBS, and the CW- but with no sound on the living room TV (it's weird). Did I forget a broadcast channel? Anyway, the point is, not a lot to choose from, but hey- it's free and in HD a lot of the time. (People seem to pay a lot for HD, which is why I make this point.)

Now with so few channels, there is not a lot to choose from. I love food network, discovery, travel, hgtv, etc. I love having make over, home decorating, cooking, etc shows in the background. I even like trainwrecks like Newlyweds or Toddlers and Tiaras if I can get them. But I cannot. So, you would imagine the summer TV is pretty slim pickings. Kevin and I have been known to watch Curious George on PBS when there is truly nothing else (we often just turn the TV off too, but George is an adorable little monkey) when we lost NBC we switched from Wheel of Fortune regulars to Antique's Roadshow watchers :)

But now, the summer slump is over. (My summer appointment TV is SYTYCD.) The new shows are coming back. Last night was Glee and it was everything I wanted it to be, though slightly confusing due to the overproduction of the musical numbers (was that supposed to be the Glee club singing Gold Digger? Or were they singing it, but we were listening to Kanye? The cheerleaders didn't appear to be singing, but I could at least tell they were supposed to appear that way... horrible dubbing, though I know they are all doing their own singing).

We also have a recorder on the computer, so since I have yoga monday's and skating wednesdays I have to record most of my shows. The Amazing Race gets taped on VCR, because Kevin records Simpsons. Do Tivo's require a subscription. Our DVR in Dayton did- we don't pay for this, except the minimal cost to buy it.

Here is my TV. I watch a lot of TV for someone with very few choices
Monday: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother. (Will not watch 2.5 men, might give accidentally on purpose a try)
Tuesday: I hear Shark Tank is moving to Tuesday. This is a good thing.
Wednesday: Glee and SYTYCD
Thursday: nothing right now
Friday: 30 Rock, possibly the Office. (Wait these are thursday shows, ah, but I don't get NBC, they are up on Hulu on Friday!)
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: The Amazing Race (can't miss of the week) and Homeland Security (surprisingly good).

So there you go, I can have a full week of TV watching without spending any money at all. Kind of sad, isn't it.

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