Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Question for you: I've just added a ton of blogs to my blog roll, but I'm looking for more. What's your favorite blog.

Weather outside: Fall is in the air.
What hurts: At this second, I'm doing okay.
What I want to eat: Nothing in particular, because I ate so much this weekend. Amanda came over and we hadpatacones (fried plantains) with shredded chicken/salsa; tortilla soup, and fried tortillas (sopapilla style for me!), and then on Saturday we went to Formossa.
What I'm wearing: Black pants, blue shirt, Nutkin socks
What I'm crafting: Mockery socks at work are on haitus, Daffodil Design is on burn out mode, Dead Simple Lace Socks
What I'm watching: will miss Big Band Theory and How I Met Your Mother tonight
Best thing that happened this weekend: Awesome food and got to visit with Kevin's uncle.
Worst thing that happened this weekend: Barely slept at all
What I'm most looking forward to this week: Yoga starts tonight
What I'm least looking forward to this week: A bit nervous about the yoga class, actually
Last thing I bought: Groceries
Something I want to buy: nothing in particular
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Brad & Kimber said...

My two general favorite are Picky Palate and Bakerella. Although I was very entertianed by your EWW Gross! post!! haha!

Little Loves' Mama said...

My favorite blog? Mine, of course: