Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Secret Knitting done!

WOW this project was fast. I thought it would take me about a month. It took me 6 days, including 2 days of not knitting, and 1 day where all I did was bind off, so really 3 days, and only one of those was a weekend where I knit all day, so this is something I could totally knock out in a weekend.

Things I learned
-size 4 needles are big (the pattern actually calls for 3s, but I knit tight), but not big enough. I was still 1 stitch/inch tight. (Non knitters- that may not sound like a lot but over 128 stitches it means a loss of 3 inches. Yeah, my project is 3 inches too small- for the project I made, that is a lot of inches. But it fits me. And it fits my husband. So hopefully it will fit the recpient. But if it doesn't, hey it's quick, i'll make another.

-knitted hems suck. I still haven't sewn it down, so I guess I'm not technically finished. But it's a much cleaner look than ribbing, or rolled stockinette.

-using your own head to block wool makes for one really really hot evening. I just gave away what I made. Where you paying attention? (But really- what else would fit both me and Kevin?)

If you are a ravelry member you can see the project in my notebook I'm not giving you a direct link because then the name will come up and ruin the surprise. If not, the teaser pic is all you get right now. I'll post a full one after the holidays.


SuzyQ01 said...

Very cool end result! I can't believe you did that in such a short period of looks complicated, but then again I am a noob LOL

Vivian said...

That's a very cool hat, I do hope the giftee will appreciate the work you put in.

crochetgurl said...

Impressive! I want to learn Fair Isle one day too. :-)