Saturday, September 12, 2009

Knitty Summer 2009

Second post of the day- make sure to scroll down to the 1st post to see the new sock, and to the post before that for a crafty gift!

Overall impression: Great knitty issue. I plan to make Zozo, Clandestine, Hat Heel Sock, Midsummer Night's Dream, and maybe the Riverbanks hood (but probably not).

Zozo: An adorable little alien toy. I actually might give this a try. It’s so cute.

1 Across: Nothing special here, I didn’t get that it was supposed to be a crossword puzzle, and I don’t like the bubbley look of the white at the top from the decreases. However this woman apparently WRITES puzzle books. She must be a genius.

Rennaissance: Not my favorite. The oversized sleeves are impractical, IMO. It does look nice on the model though, which is not always easy for knitwear on larger sized people. I think it is a good inclusion for the magazine.

Ruby Red: This one is getting a lot of internet buzz. I loved it in the first photo, but the front left me a bit disappointed. I don’t care for gaping buttons. I kind of wished it was a pullover. It’s not something I knit anyway, so it’s kind of moot. I’m a small objects knitter.

Clandestine: I worship Cookie A so I will knit these. They are lovely socks. I truly do like them, but the reception of them makes them sound like they are the most incredible socks the internet has ever seen, and while cookie never has a bad pattern, I don’t think I’d rank this as her best.

Cathedral: Pretty socks, will need to see a few finished projects before I decide on them, I don’t think they’ll go into my queue.

Hat-heel sock: When I first looked at this, I did not like it. But now, I think it’s brilliant in a Cat Bordhi new architecture sort of way. I don’t have heel fitting issues, and don’t think I have round heels, but when I saw other socks posted on the internet (I read the authors blog) and not just the one in the main picture I LOVE the way it looks in self striping yarns (a bulls eye forms) and I LOVE the little ear flap gusset that forms. I’ll definetly try this once.

Midsummer’s night’s dream: My favorite of the issue. I love the leaf pattern on the sock. Will definetly knit these.

Margot: A good basic. These sleeves are also loose, but because of the length they seem to work. I’m not feeling the holes in the arm join/shaping, not sure if that’s a knitting thing or a design thing. I’ll need to see pictures of this on a smaller size before I decide if it will work for me.

Kindly Sheep: Mittens or fingerless mitts. Very pretty pattern on the cuff. Wait- the mitten appears to just be a mitten top that goes OVER the fingerless mitts. That’s kind of weird.

Mi escuelita- Very pretty girls sweater with a lovely braid detail. I’m not sure I like how it fits the model, it rises up in the front, and I think that is from the working of the button band. But otherwise this is gorgeous.

Kernel: Scarf is basic lace pattern with a separate edging. Also nothing revolutionary but very pretty and good yarn choice. Basically just a stitch dictionary sort of thing but a good way to show how to combine patterns. Also has some beading. I kind of want to try that someday.

Colonnade: My first thought on this was the name is weird. I’m reading it Colon-ade, which I know is not what is says, but all I can think of is a Colon. I bet it’s pronounced more like Colin, because of that double N but who knows. The actual garment; is an interesting shawl pattern, that appears to be made to wear like a scarf. I think it’s a neat idea, but I don’t think I would knit it. I like the color chosen for it, but don’t really care for the two tone look.

Tanis Hat: I think this is reversible which is what makes it cool? Otherwise it just isn’t a stand out at all.

Sweetspot: Apparently either a scarf OR an afghan. I do not see myself knitting either, and while the colors are very pretty I think it is more the yarn than it is the pattern. Nothing revolutionary here.

Hydrangea: Not my style at all.

Indian Summer: Not feeling this one either.

Bel cardigan: The back panel on this is really cool, but as a garment I don’t get it. I’m not sure I’d really call it a cardigan, but I don’t really know what I’d call it. Not my favorite.

Girl Friday: Very pretty cardigan. Looks like a lot of work.

Hola Hoodie: Again with the too long arms. Does no one shape wrists anymore? This is fine but the wrists and hemline make it seem unfinished. I like the cable details but I think it comes off as shapeless and boxy. Maybe it would be better in a different color?

Hex Shawl: Pretty rectangle shawl. I’m confused how she is wearing it in the first picture.

Riverbanks hood: This is the sort of thing that 3 years ago I would have said WTF. However, having lived in really cold winters (Ohio was nothing) for awhile now, I get the need for it. It’s a neat hold that can be worn as a cowl. I might try this one.


Anonymous said...

Hydrangea is very Japanese, they wear all kinds of sheer shirts over at least one other shirt. They're very into layering and strange color combinations.

crochetgurl said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I was very excited to discover that the Fall Knitty went up yesterday too. I think my faves were Girl Friday and one of the shawls. :-)