Saturday, October 3, 2009

October: National Candy Corn Month!

The best part of October, Candy Corns!

I picked up a Brach's mixed bag today. Ahh, so yummy. I really like the pumpkins, and while I don't love them enough to need a whole bag, I love to have the Indian corn mixed in. Also very good- mix candy corns with peanuts.

So, as a candy corn lover, you'll imagine my excitement when I saw this:

Yes, candy corn Hershey kisses. I really enjoy many of the Hershey kiss flavors. They have really branched out in the past few years. (Oh Peppermint, I shall write how I love thee nearer to Christmas). And the kiss, well it looks like a candy corn should:

Alas, it tastes not like colored chocolate, but like a wilton's candy melt. That is, not good. Too sweet, but without flavor. I am sad. I need to stop trying new products; Tofu Shirataki style disapppointment here.

However, Hyvee has a huge sale this morning and we got some more Newman's Own salsa: the Pineapple salsa and the Black Bean salsa are highly recommended, and I shall go console myself with a bowl of that, and my actual candy corns :)


The Minears said...

Good to know, I was wondering about the candy corn kisses. I, also, ADORE the peppermint kisses!! This Christmas will be difficult because I need to not eat as many as I usually do and they're soooooo yummy.

crochetgurl said...

Wow, candy corn Hershey's! I had no idea they existed. :-)

Linda said...

I'm sad for you that it didn't taste any better :( but luckily, there's still the real thing! The tofu shirataki noodles were really that bad? What did Kevin make with them?

Little Loves' Mama said...

Aww, man! If you'd asked me about them, I could have averted your disappointment... My mom knows I love candy corn, so she got me a bag of the kisses last year. I tried a few and ended up using them on top of pumpkin bars instead.