Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sneak Peak

Oh, I miss papercrafting so much. This was so much fun!

A little sneak peak, this is my favorite of 5 panels:

Because I'm not doing this anymore, I didn't feel the need to "save" the good stuff. So I broke out my favorite patterned papers, flowers, stickles (glitter glue), crystal effects (the clear epoxy), buttons, and rhinestones.

Another panel:

I still haven't put the finished product together (stuff is still drying), and then I need to reglitter and area I messed up, but I think this is going to look pretty cool!

Craft #2 is going to have to wait, I have more knitting to do.


Little Loves' Mama said...

Very cute!!

Chris said...

I'm glad you had fun - it's nice to break things up sometimes. Otherwise, I think any craft can get us into a rut...and to use up the good stuff, brilliant! I need to hoard less. :)