Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keychain Sock

I've wanted a sock blocker keychain ever since I first heard they existed. I bought one like six months ago, and finally knit a sock for it.

(I tried to take artful pictures in the snow.. I failed- just too much white! The color is like the darker one, you can't see the stripes)

Anyhow, it took just about an hour (2?) to knit, and was super fast. It only takes about 2 grams of yarn. I bought the blocker at Crazy Girl (my LYS) but The Loopy Ewe sells them too. Only complaint- the pattern lists no gauge, and thankfully I went with my normal sized sock needles, because if I had used size 0s as written, it would have never fit on the blocker, as is, I'll make the next one longer in the leg.

Also- did I ever show the washcloth I made to match the swiffer? I LOVE it, it scrubs so well.


Linda said...

The keychain is so cute! And it just suits you perfectly--I always think of you and socks!

SuzyQ01 said...

super cute...I'd say I'd like to try the little sock keychain but I can't even get through a regular pair of socks (not that I've tried very hard LOL)

Anne-Marie said...

The key chain is too cute! Love it!

Happy Holidays!