Friday, December 25, 2009

What did you get for Christmas?

This is me warping my Ashford Rigid Heddle loom- given to me by my Mom and Dad. (Who hit a homerun with gifts this year. Kevin got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer).
And it wasn't the only fantastic gift. My in-laws gave me a goodie box from knitpicks. A kit to make a multi-color knitted clock, 2 sets of DPNs (1.5s and 2s) for socks, some tubes to store DPNs in that have been orphaned from their original cases, and the book "Knitted Flowers". They gave Kevin a dremel, and like always we both got calendars for next year.
My drawn name secret Santa was Kelly, who was also who I drew (actually EVERYONE drew the person who drew them, weird) and he got me two pairs of fantastically soft fleece pants. Haven't heard if the hat fits him, but will ask for pictures if it does.
Kevin and I don't officially exchange gifts, so I didn't get anything from him, as requested, however, I like to shop, so I got him a set of Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs, now he has all 5, and he got Legend of Zelda for the DS to have me give him - haha; I guess that means the yarn I ordered from Webs the other day is going to be a present from him to me :)
My sister is scheduled for a C-section on the 28th, so the babies will be here very soon, and then on the 31st is Kevin and my 5th Anniversary. (We won't do presents for that either. The 7th - wool anniversary- is the only one I plan to request a gift for!) I'll have to get him something though because this is the "wood" anniversary, and all dirty jokes aside (yeah, there have been plenty) I'll need to get him something for his workshop.

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SuzyQ01 said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas...I can't wait to see that loom in action!