Friday, December 18, 2009

Knitty Winter 2009 Review

Knitty Review

Ah- Winter Knitty has come out, meaning another review post. Sadly, there is no mind blowing technique like the bind off from the last issue, but there are some beautiful knits.

Let us begin:

Home use patterns:

Mr. Popper: This pattern makes me want to get a hot water bottle. Actually, a few patterns have. If it was just a penguin, it would be cute, but since it references one of my all time favorite books, I love it!


Spoke: This is my favorite pattern on the issue (and the cover pattern), but on further inspection, I wouldn’t make it. First, the yarn MAKES the pattern. There might be other semi-solids that would work, but it would be a gamble. And the yarn chosen is EXPENSIVE. Second- the sleeves would not work for me. Do people really wear that sort of sleeve? Do they drag it through their food anytime they try to eat? Maybe that’s how they stay skinny, trying to protect the sweater.

Quadrat: My second favorite pattern of the issue, but with similar problems to the first. First of all- the model looks gorgeous. I however would laugh myself silly at me wearing a belt like that, and without the belt it’s way too boxy. And the sleeves. Seriously? I do not get them. I just love the cable detail though.

Soria: Pretty enough, but I don’t wear vests. I also think it needs to be a bit longer to be flattering.

Four corners in Tokyo: An interesting way to highlight the color changes of the yarn, but the rectangular pattern looks much better on the back than the front. I’d like the sleeves to be a bit longer, but points for not being huge bell sleeves.

Zora Cardigan: Nice versatile cardigan, but not something I’d knit. I like that it’s shown with a button or a belt. Not sure it looks good with no form of closure at all. (It’s one thing not to close it, but having no way to close it: odd)

King of Confidence: Cute, seems nicely fitted.

Mr. Darcy: I like the sweater fine, but I have never seen anyone wearing that neckline. Kevin never would, that’s for sure. Actually, I take that back- I’ve seen pictures on blogs of kids in handknits in that neckline. But outside of handknits, does it exist?

Vroom Vest: Is the kid in the picture really 4? At first I thought this was shown on like an 8-10 year old, in which case it was a bit childish, but for a young kid, sure it’s cute.


Pyroclastic Socks: Nice pattern, nothing outstanding, but certainly nothing to complain about here.

Saviano Socks: Seems to be run of the mill cabled socks.

Diversion socks: Cute, very bright, I like that. Reminded me of Lizard Ridge socks, but on second look, very different.

Synergy Shield and Socks: Sorry to speak ill of a “goddess” but I do not get this at all. Why do you need a shield for your socks? Does anyone wear such a thing? Seriously, what is the point? Knitty has published weird patterns (like the nose warmer) but at least those seem to have some novelty aspect. What is the novelty to a sock shield? Does it warm up the front of your ankles a bit more? Then there is the issue that the sock highlighted in all the pictures IS NOT the sock that there is a pattern for. That sock is available only in Cat’s new book. The sock pattern given is a cuff down, plain sock. (You can fancy it up by tying a shield around it, I guess). BOO KNITTY. Don’t highlight a pattern for the sole purpose of advertising.

Hats and Neckwear (I had to combine these for a reason):

Incognito Cowl: Clever, funny, not my thing.

Burning Embers: First, the woman’s shirt makes me think she isn’t wearing anything under the jacket. Second, the pattern is pretty. I like how it unbuttons when you don’t wan the turtleneck feel.

Tentacular scarf: AHH! Scary, yuck. This is one of those novelty patterns I was referring to in the synergy shield part. I really don’t like it, but it’s a scarf and it serves a purpose, and it’s novelty is because it’s based on an actual thing. (A sock shield is not a thing).

Knotty but nice hat: Nice cabled hat pattern

Shroom Slouchy Toque: it’s like a combination of a beret and a beanie. It looks cute in the photos, but I don’t think it would on my head.

Duet: A hat and a cowl. Hmm, I’m not sure I understand how it works, but it’s really pretty. Maybe I’ll give this one a try. Maybe.


Ailbe: Very pretty cabled mittens. Looks tough!

Mrs. Roosevelt: Simple knitting pattern for mittens, interesting bit of history. Very cool- like the Hoover Blanket featured early by knitty.

Queen City: The cable doesn’t pop enough. I guess even if it did, it’s not something I personally would wear.


Frost Diamonds: Very pretty, interesting construction. Thumbs up.

Bitterroot: Very pretty, I like that there are two sizes, since the mini-shawl seems very popular right now.

Citron Shawl: It’s cute on the model and would look silly on me.


SuzyQ01 said...

Loved your review! I had to laugh, as I would click each link and make my own verbal comments before reading your review, and we seem to be thinking the same thing about these patterns.

Jen, the Potions Master said...

You bring up quite a few good points, especially that things that work on the models might not work on us knitters personally. That and the sock guard thing.

Given my family's taste, I think the Incognito Cowl would be the one I'm most likely to knit.