Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okay, I lied.

We did get a snow day today (a RARE occurrence for where I work). I started the morning shoveling, mid-day: more shoveling, and soon I'll have to go out and do it again. It just keeps on snowing. You'd think it would make sense to wait for it to stop, but really, it's just harder that way.

I don't have any pictures, so the post isn't going to be interesting.

I've started Noro Kureyon striped socks, and they aren't working as planned. The idea is that the 2 colors stripe and fade into new colors independently creating a really cool effect. Instead my colors have faded from say blue to red, while the other went red to blue, so the stripes don't ever really change. And twice, they've approached the same color, so I get a non-striped blob. The foot of the socks a bit tight (the yarn is so thick/thin it was tough to pick a needle size) but I worried doing it any looser and they wouldn't be tough enough to wear. I think they will loosen up in water. I do think I want to work with this yarn again.

I'm in the border section of the Daffodil Design now. WOW! I cannot wait to finish this thing, but I have like 33,000+ stitches to go still.

Last week I took a crochet class, and it FINALLY makes sense. It is still way harder than knitting though: it's impossible to keep track of stitches, I can't tell what I've already done, and I have no idea how to hold the yarn (since I don't hold my knitting yarn). The class project is Lion Brand's Circles to Squares afghan, but I'm actually not making anything. I just wanted to learn to crochet. (The afghan is actually kind of ugly, maybe in a different yarn it would be better...)


Brad & Kimber said...

I tried to teach myself to crochet after seeing a really beautiful crocheted white baby blanket... it didn't go so well. Good luck!

SuzyQ01 said...

keep practicing! I found that working with bulky yarn and a big hook was a little easier (you can see your stitches really well) and I've made bunches of baby blankets. Dishclothes are great to practice on also.