Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cruise Round Up: Jan 7 Fun Day at Sea

Man, we took a long vacation... I'm still recapping it and the month is almost over. (Also- totally ready to go on another cruise now!)

This was our 2nd sea day, and it was a very nice day. My favorite sea day was the non-sea day before San Juan, but this day was a good one too.

We started the day by going to the Lido deck for breakfast. They have a good variety, and were never very crowded when we were up there. Then we headed to our first trivia of the day: "Earth Trivia", which Kevin played while I knitted. I finally got used to the boat well enough that reading charts was not a problem, and so I made good progress knitting during this sea day.

After Earth Trivia, we stayed in the Victoriana lounge for a towel folding class, where I continued to knit, and Kevin made animals. (I also ran back to the room to grab the camera. For "lido deck people" a high cabin is probably convenient, but for us the Riviera deck worked out great- easy disembarkation at ports, super easy coming back home for the night, and really close to all the places we went during the day.)

Towel folding went very well, about the same as it was on spirit, except Kevin got to sit up on the stage where there was a lot of space, rather than sit in the seats where it was tough to fold the towels. Only negative- the Victoriana smelled of sewage. No where else did, though, so it wasn't a problem for the rest of the day.

After towel folding there was a bingo game that was absolutely packed. I knitted through it, but Rachel played. Sadly, she was not the winner.

From there we went to Comedy trivia, which was all quotes, and as usual Kevin did really well. (Missed 3, he thinks. But the guy who won got them all.)

After that we went to see a little magician show, which seemed to be designed to appeal to kids, but he didn't seem to be some one who was used to performing for kids. Just the way he spoke to them- I think one kid went running to her Mom when he told her to shut up!

Next was lunch on the Lido. Anyone following along with the blogs will not be shocked to hear I ate Indian again. Still too salty... Kevin had something from Fish and Chips, and then I went through the chocolate buffet, which I actually wasn't that impressed with :(

Since we decided to go to lunch, we missed name that tune trivia :( and then we went to Turbo Trivia. We got there as the first question was being asked, but the host let Kevin go up on stage to play- I stayed in the chairs and knit. The adults did very badly on turbo trivia and it was soon down to a large group of Canadian children, who pretty much just traveled as a pack for all the question-! Turbo Trivia doesn't work as well when no one will go out on their own!

After Turbo trivia we had planned to go to the Napkin folding demo but there was a dance class, and I wanted to be able to say that I had done one of the dance classes. This one was Austin Powers, which is not my favorite at all, but it was still fun to do. It was neat to try to dance on the stage- and difficult to do so in my shoes, which were very sticky. The choreography was simple and cute. It was kind of fun. I think I'd do a different style next time.

Then we went up near the casino bar to prepare for trivia and I knit for a while. The other half of TEAM AWESOME! showed up and we played Super Duper Trivia. We did quite awesomely, and came in third overall- for having missed the first day, we kicked ass, placing over people who played all 3 days. If only we had known our teammates the first day!

After that, there was Beatles trivia, which I opted out of to knit. Thank goodness I did, because I only knew one answer (The Ed Sullivan show). The second 10 questions were teeny tiny clips of Beatles covers, and you had to name the song. Not only did I not recognize any of the covers, I hadn't even heard of most of the songs!

Then Kevin and I went back to the room and watched Animaniacs on the DVD. yeah- not a cruise activity, but we always get new cartoons to watch on vacation. I'm pretty sure I ended up taking a nap around here too. We got all ready for for formal night, poured some drinks and got ready to go out.

Then we went to the International Lounge and played Quiddler (would you be shocked to know that I knitted) and saw the family friendly comedy act. It was mostly funny, he spent A LOT of the time picking on a lady whose date left to answer a telephone call. I don't really remember any of the jokes... or even the general topic. So he didn't leave much of an impression on me.

This was the second formal night and once again dinner was very very slow. Very slow. What a bummer- we loved our waiters the first cruise, but this one was a disappointment.

For the appetizer, we wanted 2 escargot to share among the table, and this was lost in translation. I asked for "2 escargot for us to share" and the waiter looked confused. So I said "2 for the table", and he said "oh yes, 2 for everybody", which I thought meant he understood...but we all weren't too sure what would come out. We each ordered another appetizer (and we had previously only ever gotten 1 thing each- so surely the concept of sharing was understood?), and our meals.

The escargot comes out and we each get one. (So that's 4) and then we all started cracking up wondering whether we'd all be getting a second escargot ( "two for everybody!") as well as our normal appetizer. Thankfully, we did not. The escargot were not as good as I remembered them (and I've had them since in Omaha too...) I actually liked the stuff mushrooms more (they taste very similar) and usually I'm not a mushroom fan. I really enjoyed my penne appetizer.

For my meal I ordered the Chateaubriand and really did not care for it- I barely ate any, if I recall correctly. For dessert I got the baked Alaska and it's definitely overrated. I'd rather just get a scoop of ice cream.

That night was the Ticket to Ride show. I guess the show is okay, but it really just showed me I'm not a Beatles fan (as if trivia didn't tell me that...) There were neat effects, but mostly it was just really long. And the band was WAY too loud. And some of the "acts" to it were a bit too non-sequitur for me. Not my favorite show. The dancing was pretty good though.

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