Sunday, January 16, 2011

I think it's time to admit...

...that I have second sock syndrome.

This is an affliction that affects knitters for various reasons. I think I get it just because there are so many patterns out there I want to try.

But I do have some excuses.

Cusp, the blue sock, I knit on the cruise. I just finished it today, so I haven't had time to knit a second sock yet.

Wedge, the multicolored sock, I actually did knit the second sock, but forgot to refer to my Ravelry notes and made it too big (it bunched on my ankles). Turns out the first sock I switched to smaller needles after the 3rd repeat, not on the heel... so I ripped out the second sock.

Pointelle, the aqua sock, I meant to knit on vacation, but also didn't bring my notes with me, so I was unsure about a detail. Not wanting to have to totally reknit it, I set it aside. I'm now working on the heel flap of the second sock.

The rainbow sock I have no record of starting. I remember doing it, but don't remember when I did it... I don't have notes for this one, so the second will have to be knit while following this one pretty carefully.

The red sock (lace rib?) I did quite some time ago. I took careful notes of how many repeats to do at each point. Then Kevin threw them away... It will be tough to match it, so I've been putting it off.

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SuzyQ01 said...

All these sock singles are super cute...if only they could meet their match :) LOL

I don't have SSS, however I'm sure I would if I didn't work them 2AAT. What I do have though is UFO syndrom. I have this stinkin' pair of socks that I just can't get through due to pattern issues, so they sit unfinished. Maybe I can get them done by the end of the month, since that's the deadline for the ska december challenge.

Good luck with the rest of your socks!