Friday, May 27, 2011

Body by Vi

So I started a new diet program on the recommendation of a facebook (previously splitcoaststampers) friend. You can see in the picture the shake mix, half of my dinner shake left, and 5 packets of "flavor".

It is the Body by Vi Shape Up Shakes. They are meal replacement shakes- 2 a day.
They are kind of expensive for a bag of powder, but not too bad if they are really replacing the meal- like $2 a meal, including shipping.

The slogan on them is "the shake mix that tastes like cake mix" and it is nearly impossible to find a negative review. Well, there is a reason for that- it is a multi-level direct sales program. AND customers who aren't distributors can get a free month if they refer 3 people, so everyone* will benefit if they can get someone to sign up. Well, if you read the asterick, you know I don't actually benefit- so here's my honest review. It tastes good, for a diet shake. (Like "skates really well, for an adult...") The flavor is good, but at the end of every sip, it just tastes like powder. It's not overwhelming, but I can taste the sucralose in it. I hate sucralose. By the end of the shake- it tasted pretty disgusting, but the first 2/3 of the shake were okay..

I made my first shake just with skim milk and ice cubes, tomorrow i'll add frozen strawberries in, and see if that improves the shake. There are also the flavor packets- but why use those? Just add in real fruit, not more powder.

Quiet honestly, if it helps me kick start the weight loss, I don't care how it tastes.

*Right now I won't actually benefit because I don't have an auto shipment set up. If you want to try it, comment and I'll give you my friend's link. They automatically sign you up for auto ship which I do not like, so I cancelled it immediately. Which was easy to do. If I decide to stick with the program i'll go back on autoship, and i might even post the link for referrals, but I promise I won't pester.

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