Sunday, May 22, 2011


Spaghetti is pretty much my favorite meal. One of the only things I would eat consistently growing up, and still my favorite thing to eat.

In college, I learned a new variety called "noodles". Noodles is usually shell pasta, but if I don't have shells on hand, I'll use spaghetti. It consists of pouring in a can of Hunt's Tomato Sauce and a spoonful of butter. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll add some pepper and garlic. This disgusts Kevin, but if my favorite way to eat pasta now.

However, I have a feeling I'm in for something a bit more fancy:

For graduation, my parents got Kevin a pasta extruder (think play-doh factory) for his Kitchen Aid stand mixer. He made Rigatoni the last night my Mom was in town, and last night he made me half-wheat spaghetti. Of course, I could probably do the typical "noodles" sauce on this pasta, but since he's making it, he's also eating it, so we are using real sauces (store bought jars still- I can make a great spaghetti sauce but it's a PITA!)

Last night we bought Cheddar and Fontina to make Macaroni and Cheese. I bet the homemade macaroni are awesome.

The best part- unlike normal pasta, which I think is maybe too thin, this stuff reheats really well. At least the rigatoni did. It tasted as good, if not better, after reheating.

The worst part- no Angel hair, Texas, or shell attachment. (Texas shape? For some reason, Skinner Texas pasta is the absolute best. Angel Hair is my second favorite. Then shells...)

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SuzyQ01 said...

I've had the pasta maker attachment for my kitchenaid forever, but never used it. This makes me want to finally try it out...that is if I can actually find the box it's packed away in LOL