Saturday, September 17, 2011

Decorative Stitch Wall Hanging

I saw this blog post which has an adorable little wall hanging at the end of it- showcasing the decorative stitches on your machine.

My machine has a bajillion decorative stitches (the higher end ones have a gajillion) so I thought this would be a fun way to use them. Because really, when do you need them? It is a SUPER easy project- just pick stitches and sew straight lines. (Patience required- even at top speed, and I used less than that, this takes longer than you feel like it should. The blogger recommends not using top speed, but a snails pace. I didn't think that was necessary, although you can see I have a few puckers. I actually blame wrinkled interfacing for that, but maybe speed was the culprit.) The only planning I did for the project was trying to alternate the satin-stitch and open stitch type stitches, so the overall look was balanced.

I made the lines about 3/4" apart using an air soluble marker. The marker says it disappears in 24-48 hours. It must still be really humid here because the lines were pretty well gone by the end of 10 hours! At least they disappeared!

Isn't the thread beautiful? It is Essential from Connecting Threads. At the Bernina dealership she was looking for an example of "cheap thread" so I gave it to her and it was deemed "pretty good" (though not as good as the ones they sell, of course). However, since it was not deemed "crappy" (no one had the brands she was looking for as "crappy") I plan to continue using it in my machine. Way inexpensive, and TONS of colors (sadly, no variagated.)
I plan to hang this at work, so I can see some sewing, which always makes me smile.

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