Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you are my partner from the Mug Rug Swap on Ravelry, do not read any further! (I doubt this person reads my blog, but who knows. Maybe I am further reaching than I thought...)

To make sure that person has backed away from the blog, let me tell you about shopping today.
We went to Target and rebought the rug that goes in the living room. Elsa has torn up so much of it, and we needed something to go under the dining room chairs, so we moved the old rug over to the dining room and have a pretty new one for the living room.

I also got a new laundry basket. I can carry 2 bushels of laundry now. It really cracks me up that laundry baskets are measured in bushels. I don't know how many bushels my old basket held, but it was less than 2. My old basket has been duct taped together since 2000, when I dropped it my freshman year in college. And yet, that was my favorite one. The other one we had was this awful wicker basket that Kevin got when he moved to his first apartment. Wicker is horrible for laundry- it catches on the clothes, and the curved sides make it difficult to stack things.

Okay, swap partner gone? Whew! Not much else to say about laundry baskets!

Here is my Mug Rug (smaller than a placemat, larger than a coaster). This is my first time doing satin stitch applique, and it isn't perfect...but I think it is cute.
The back is very simple:
And not to brag, but look at how nice the BACK side of my quilting looks on this super close up.

Loving my new sewing machine. Just wish I had more time to use it! Only 4 more weeks in this session, then back to taking just one class at a time...


Michelle said...

Looks great, Jessi!!!!

SuzyQ01 said...

That is super cute!