Friday, September 2, 2011

Mod 6 Done!

I finished the Mod 6 quilt last night. It is a sixty-inch square (a unit we call "One square Jessi") and the biggest quilt I have done. As I've mentioned, I did it in 4 pieces and joined it together quilt as you go, with sashing. This was MUCH harder than I anticipated. I wonder what it would have been like on my old machine, because the Bernina was not interested in feeding it through- as it was sold to me on being able to feed anything through, I was somewhat surprised (seriously- it went over 6 layers of denim without hesitation, why was this so tough?)

This was also the largest thing I have ever bound, and I cut my binding thinner, as I don't like it when it was so thick. This turned out to be a mistake, as I didn't have a deep enough seam allowance on the back, so some of the binding didn't actually get sewn down to the back of the quilt, and frayed when it washed, I just zig zagged that down.

This is the very first project I've free motion quilted. Each of the quadrants has 5 squares with filler designs (that I've been showing) and there is a loopy meander over the entire quilt. I am in LOVE with FMQ. (Which Kevin says he always reads as F my quilt, I suppose because of FML that people use on facebook? I'm not one of those people.)

Isn't she beautiful.
(You should be able to click to enlarge it)
So here's a question- should I sign it? People always say you should sign your quilts, but I never do. I kind of consider this my first "real" quilt, do I need to start?

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