Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Pajamas

I made Kevin another pair of Pajama pants.

I used the same pattern again, still not following it (it has a weird old timey style with piping).   I did the same modifications to greatly lower the waist band, and then lowering the fly- otherwise, it would be way too short, since the waist band is drafted to go to the chest.

The only mistake I made was not stitching down the part of the fly that ended up in the elastic casing.  It really makes no difference, because one side of it is closed- but one side remains open. There didn't seem to be any part of the instructions saying to do that.  He could put a quarter in there.  You never know when you might need a quarter.

I did not attempt to match the plaids at all on the sides (and they don't match) but oddly, they match nearly perfectly on the back seam.  This makes me wonder how matching the plaids could be possible, because if I matched the sides- then wouldn't the back seam not match?

I'm excited to say this is my first TNT: Tried and True.  Now if I know Kevin wants Pajamas, I know exactly which ones to make.

Except now he says "but they don't have pockets..."  URGH! You never said you wanted pockets! I could have added pockets. 

All I was told is that the first pair I made (years ago) didn't have a fly, so I found a pattern that had a fly.  But- at the time I didn't buy new fabric and used the least girly stash fabric I had.  So then the complain was that the second pair  was purple.  This pair fixes both these issues, and now he is saying he needs pockets.  Who needs pockets when they sleep?  I mean, I gave him a place to put a quarter :)  I guess if I make another pair (probably next year, he doesn't wear PJ pants all that much) I will add pockets.  Probably just in the side seam.

I also made a gaggle of headbands.  Courtney asked for ones that wouldn't slip out of her hair when exercising, and she specifically asked for velvet (skating dress remnents), so I used some crushed velvet I had.  Then, I have a micro-suede one I like, so I made one (ottoman remnents), then I used a textured fabric that came in my fabric mart box.  And there is the flannel one from this morning.  If you look at the stitching lines, you can see the flannel one has the stitching very inward- I used the quarter inch foot, but changed to the edge stitch foot for the others. I like that better.   I also stabilized the stretch velvet and the mystery stretch fabric, and that helped a lot.   My other note is OMG as a quilter I take the ability to press cotton easily for granted.  Trying to press these fabrics was a nightmare- all three of them.


Anonymous said...

Love the headbands and PJ pants. No way would my husband ever model for a blog...


Anonymous said...

Those PJs are great! Thank you for the encouragement.