Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick project.

Yesterday I had a terrible day at work. It was just no good. Kevin and I went out for Indian food (oh so good! I just ate the leftovers for dinner tonight- I want more!) and then we came home and played Super Mario 3. We aren't so good at it anymore... Then, I went down in the sewing room, and played with fabric and thread for a few hours and came up with this:

It was based on a McCalls pattern, but the pattern was really not good. My measurements were all over the place, so I started with a medium, and sewed it up with my serger, and then started grading down the seam allowances on the top, but not at the bottom. I think it was 3 tries of taking off from the side seams before Kevin finally said "that looks like a real shirt". Because I like the shirt long, and I only had 1/2 yard of fabric, I had to V cut the sides so that it doesn't pull too tight over my hips. Kevin says it looks fine, but I think maybe it looks a bit goofy. If I did it again, I'd just cut that part wider, but I had way less fabric than the cutting layout called for, the pattern piece was actually hanging off the edge by about an inch, but since I was using the serger, I knew I didn't need 5/8" seam allowances, so I figured it would even out more or less.

I think it looks nice enough, but I wish I had thought to narrow the neckline before I started. Of course, that can only be fixed by sewing a seam down the center front and center back, so once I made it up, nothing could be done. I'll consider this a "wearable muslin" and I know what needs to be fixed if I make the pattern again.

I think this is my favorite of the fabric I got in those Fabric Mart bundles, I'm glad that I was able to get a garment out of it, since it was such a small cut.

In other news: man I am pasty white! My poor arms haven't seen sun since college. I rarely wear sleeveless anymore, and am almost never out in the sun like I was in Texas.


Michelle said...

I looks great Jessi! We are always our worst critic. You did good!

Kristen said...

that's a great shirt. I like the fabric too!

Rachel said...

That is super cute!! I love the fabric.