Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a dud...

Class was a dud...I drove up to Cedar Rapids and ended up coming home.

So here's the story. I signed up for a class called Bag Making and Detailing. I try to do a class every month because I get lifetime free classes with my machine (but not really- a year, and then you get another year when you get the machine serviced...) because of the VIP card (which also gets you 20% off Bernina accessories, fabrics, and kits.)

So Pine Needles is really vague about what their classes are. When they put the calendar out, they didn't know what the project was yet, or the kit cost. (How do you have a class without knowing what the project is?) That's okay- so far I've really liked the classes and learned good techniques even when the project isn't my favorite. Plus, I really like bags.

So then I get the supply list and it is not useful. "Fabric according to pattern"- but I don't have the pattern yet. However, I googled to find the pattern and it is a cosmetic sized bag. This is my first UGH- I was thinking purse/tote bag. So already, I'm not too excited.

Then I call to get the kit cost- $31 (minus discount), but they didn't mention this was not including thread or needles (that is usually what makes the discount on kits nice- they don't usually discount thread, so it helps me build my Mettler stock). Thread is usually included in class kits. The pattern ($10) calls for 2 fat quarters and a zipper. I figure I could bring the supplies, but then I feel bad about it because they won't make any money, and if stores don't make money, they don't stay open. So $31 for a class that will teach me pintucks and demo Bernina's super expensive really cool ruffler sounds fair.

Today I drive up there and it turns out the kit is $39.95 (minus discount). That is just too much. I ask if I can buy the pattern separately, but it turns out they won't sell it outside the kit- so bringing your own supplies isn't even an option for this class. If you wanted to do that, they said, you'd also have to find your own copy of the pattern. WTF? I politely tell the teacher that this was more than I budgeted for, so I wouldn't be staying. She trys to tell me the kit is a better value than 2 fat quarters, a pattern and a zipper, because it is home dec weight fabric, not quilting weight. UM-$10 pattern, $2 zipper- how expensive is your home dec weight??? And besides, if the supply list told me I needed 1/2 yard of home dec weight, I could have brought that myself. But even still, you wouldn't sell me the pattern.

I'm annoyed I drove up there. But in my free afternoon, I did make three more headbands.


Michelle said...

At least the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.....? =-)

Jessim said...

Yep- I drove home with my windows a bit open. It was beautiful.