Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Sunday Project

My sister asked me if I could make her some headbands, so this morning before I packed up my machine (I'm heading to Cedar Rapids for a class this afternoon) I gave it a try. I just copied a headband I already have. It takes about 20 minutes, and uses two 2" pieces of fabric 15 inches long, and just a bit of elastic. A nice remnant use!

Courtney wants ones that won't slip when exercising, so I plan to try different fabrics, and take them to skating and SPIN. If they don't come out when spinning, they should be good (of course, she has straight hair, so that might be more slippery than my hair.)

I wear headbands daily, so I am excited to make more.

You might recognize this fabric from a recent Fabric Mart purchase- this is the Marc Jacobs flannel. I made Kevin a pair of pajama pants yesterday, but we haven't done the photo shoot yet. I think to thank me for the pants he took the above photo at an angle that makes it look like I have not only ONE chin, but a very skinny one. I don't have too many photos like that!

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