Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Microstippling Adventures

So what does the quilt look like now?  Well- pretty awesome I must say:

Last week I got asked "what is microstippling".  Well this:

Stippling is a meandering design that travels across the quilt in random curving motions.  Micro stippling is doing it very very small.  I had Kevin use his macro tube to take a close up.  Without the dime, I think it would look like regular stippling, but this is very small.  Actually- I don't think it is even nearly as small as Leah (the quilt along host) does it, but I'm pretty impressed.   I'm also really impressed with the stitch quality- the Isacord is fantastic.  All the pictures are of the backside.

So why microstippling?  Well, first, because there are some really tiny areas to fill.  At my regular scale maybe only one or two curves would even fit into this heart.  That doesn't highlight the design at all.  The stippling serves two purposes- one it flattens the non-highlighted fabric, so the design puffs out and two- it forms and almost solid backdrop.

You may not ice that the hearts have lines running from the outline to the inline.  I actually didn't do this when I traced the design- I prefered the clean look of no line.  But there were a lot of ends to tuck into the quilt- two per heart.  Then, I realized if I didn't do them each stippling would have to do that too.  And all the little areas between the celtic knot triangles, and the area where the feathers switch directions.  I decide to go ahead and draw the lines, and just travel stitch over them.  The stippling was done with a continuous thread (woo!).  I think I changed the bobbin twice- the thread is thin so a lot fits.  My travel stitching is also getting a lot better.

The only problem is the areas I did travel stitch while outlining are pretty thick.  I think you can't tell when you aren't up close to the quilt though.  But now they have 4 layers of thread.  (The one on the right.  The one on the left is only from the outlining- and I missed a bit on the traveling...)


Doreen said...

Your stippling is wonderful! Will definitely have to give that brand of thread a try.....the reports are so positive and the idea of getting so much on a bobbin is a huge plus!! I must have gone through a dozen bobbins!-( And my threads really isn't that heavy! Love the colors, too. Now I wish I would have don a dark fabric with a colored time (and there will definitely be a next time!)! Hugs, Doreen

Danielle Hudson said...

I love the blue and red! Great quilting!

Karin said...

Like your choice of colour in the thread and your stippling looks great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining what micro-stippling is! The photos with the dime really put it in perspective. This is absolutely beautiful. You are so creative! Thanks for sharing.


Candy said...

Your stippling is small! Seems like you did some traveling to avoid cutting the thread. I was afraid the thread would build up too much. What weight is the Isocord that you used?

June D said...

Looks terrific - thanks for sharing this!

Ray and Jeanne said...

This is fantastic! I think your "awesome" is a great description! You have done a great job of micro-stippling. ~Jeanne